You believe it or not but these are very mysterious and Interesting myths/ Tips but found much true sayings. Many times I have also checked it and found it more accurate then average. Some of the tips are also mentioned as remedy in many astrological texts.

About Your Car

A Navy Blue car generally has fewer accidents and the average breakdowns are less than other cars.A Green car usually proves very handy and never breaks down when they are most required.
A Red car requires a lot of personal care, otherwise it is prone to accidents.
A person feels like speeding while driving a Red car compare to cars of other colors.

A Gray car, if it run smoothly for 6 months, will be a most loyal vehicle. It will serve you in the best way and will prove lucky for you. But if it does not suit you, within one month it will make you feel unhealthy and troubled.

Red commercial vehicles are involved in more accidents and breakdowns than vehicles of other colors.

A Brown or Off White vehicle brings accidents or much expenditure. If the Sun in one’s horoscope is weak, it will better to keep away from vehicles of this color. In a White car, a person feels peaceful but their glasses are brittle or joints of that car use to get more trouble.

A Sky Blue car will never run properly, as it is more decorative than useful. If your car license Number is 1 or the total comes to 1 or 6, you, more than others, will escape if violating traffic laws. (Sum up all the numbers and word number then again sum up till they become single digits).

If your car number is 9 or 8 then you may feel more aggressive while driving and find yourself often in violation of the law. To rectify this, write a small 1 or 2 in the lowest corner of the license plate, so that it cannot be seen. You will experience a change in your nature.

If you are sitting in a car and there is lightning in the sky, remain inside car, which is the safest place. The car will keep you as safe as a mother keeps a baby in her arms.

A car having tires wider and are coming out of the normal body line of car, surely ensures your caring towards it but such car do not remain with you, may be due to any reason, for long time or you will not use it as regular part of life. 

Your Life style

Wearing clothes for the color of the day is said to be good (such as White on Monday, Red on Tuesday, Green on Wednesday, etc.). But wearing the same color of clothes as per color of day, on the lower part of body, such jeans, skirt, etc. gives a malefic impact.

Wearing white shoes makes a person walk fast, but there will be fewer injuries on the legs.

Wearing white shoes is not considered good for students, as it destroys the ability to grasp ideas and reduces concentration while sitting. For people doing research it is best to wear white shoes, but if they have to sit while working, then black shoes are best.

If you are going to see some seriously ill patient, or if at night are going to a very important meeting, and suddenly a Black Cat cuts across your path from right to left, then surely the patient will survive against the opinion of all the doctors, and you will get success and your long awaited dream or wish will come true.

If you see a monkey on the path, any decision you make that day will go against you. Offer some fruit to the monkey, if you wish to gain cosmic favor.

If you are going to meet someone for business or to obtain their favor, try to reach the place between 11:55 AM to 12:10 PM. You will have the favor of the cosmos, and even if that person is in a bad mood, he or she will cool down while talking to you.

Never ignore any elderly person while going to some auspicious place, and try to go barefoot to all religious places. It shields you from the malefic impact of Saturn.

After eating any food, take a sweet thing, even a little, and drink water after it. It will bring coolness and peace of mind. You will never lose your reputation easily.

Always drink two sips of water and dry your nose before starting any work. It will make your work successful and bring it to a good end.

Direction While Sitting Students, while reading, should face North or Northeast. By this the mind gains the ability to concentrate.

 General Tips

An Administrator’s room should be located in the North East corner of an office. By this, he or she will receive good gain and good results from the employees. Sitting below the beam or joint of the roof can make one nervous.

Keeping a safe in the south part of a house and touching it against the south wall, facing north, will bring blessings from the Lord or Prosperity (Kuber is said to the keeper of wealth).

Never keep litigation files in the south side of a room, nor under lock, otherwise much money and time will be wasted on the case, and it will be prolonged like a never ending rope.

While eating one should sit facing either North or West, which ensures the best impact of food to the body. After eating, passing urine reduces the chance of a stone problem.

If a death occurs in a family the eldest person should eat food facing South. By this he receives the blessing of the departed soul. Protections From the Evil Effects of Various Things.

If one person after another in a house is becoming unhealthy, then by donating a Full Hollow Yellow Pumpkin at any religious place, the whole family becomes free of the illness. Donate the pumpkin in the daytime. The effect will be felt within three days.

If there is good earning but most of it gets wasted without any reason, donating sweet biscuits to birds in the morning will shield from this malefic effect.

Whenever passing through the border of a place where bodies are buried or burned, drop a few copper coins when leaving. If you do not have copper coins, drop another metal coin on the ground or floor. The departed souls will never hurt you and your luck will never depart from you.

If you feel tired and pressured in your mind or have a headache, then before sleeping put a glass of water on some table or stool near your head. Do not drink the water, but in the morning pour it at the base of some tree. Most of your troubles will vanish.

If you feel fear from unknown things, wear a stainless steal bangle on your right arm. It will strengthen your will.

If someone in a family has suicidal tendencies and much depression, puncturing their nose with a silver wire will keeps away such feelings.

If someone always feels loneliness, taking a dip in a river or a bath in the rain or becoming wet with rain water is the best way to keep from such feelings.

If all work comes to a dead end and nothing seems to be working, consulting some very moody astrologer is best.

If a sudden downfall has come in life, using the bed sheet of the father is best for cooling the mind.

Donating the first bread of one’s own food to a black dog keeps evil away from one’s family. If one feels that a departed person is looking upon you, speaking the truth  will make the thing go away.

Touching the feet of the parents in the morning and saying goodbye when leaving for work brings success in life.

If all family members feel irritation while eating together or at home, keeping a black dog will bring prosperity and harmony into home.

Making the sign of two fish above the main entrance of a house and seeing it before knocking on the door, ensures the safety of members in the home. A single fish must be avoided.

When going out, seeing the two fish turns the day in one’s favor. Seeing a single fish gives loss. When going out, seeing a vessel filled with water ensures the success of one’s first thought. Thinking of a water vessel and two fish before driving gives  security from accidents.

Keeping solid Silver in the home is auspicious and raises the mental peace of the family members.

Never fill any well with stones and soil, otherwise the luck of the next three generations is lost.

 Support of Planets

Placements According to One’s Astrological Chart. If a person has Mercury in the 8th house, wearing Black or Navy Blue Jeans, Skirt, or inner garment below the waist will bring success in life. Otherwise there will be continual bad times.

If the Sun is placed in a good position, wearing brown or light brown shoes or socks can bring bad times, due to which one will lose many good opportunities.

If Jupiter is in the 7th house, donating old clothes invites bad times. Similar effects are seen if one possesses the statue of an elephant, or an elephant faced idol, or a statue of Lord Ganesa.

If Mercury is in 7th house and one speaks the truth, even if it causes a loss, the person will have prosperity in life. Otherwise, more then three operations on the stomach are destined.

If the Moon is in the 6th or 7th house, donating water by means of providing water as charity to public for drinking to satisfy their thirst, keeps away the person himself from luck.

If a person has Jupiter in the 12th house, wearing any necklace around the neck, even if it is a religious one, blocks good from coming to the person. If anyone hurts such a person, that person too will experiences hard times for one year.

If a person has Venus in the 5th, 6th or 9th house, it is best to keep away from the opposite sex. Any relation with the opposite sex other than traditional marriage will bring bad luck and separation. Especially, in cases of 5th and 6th placed Venus, the person must get married in the traditional way, and to someone of the same caste or religion, otherwise separation and bad luck is destined for both persons.

If any of your opponents have Mars in the 7th house, it is best to patch up any differences, as any hard word from him or her will surely become true and will work like a curse on you.

If any of your friends or children or anyone known to you has an 11th placed Jupiter, try to get the person’s blessings. The blessings of such people are more auspicious  than any saint, as the ability has been with them since their past birth. If you have an 11th placed Jupiter, keep yourself away from Saints, as it will bring poverty and hard times into your life.

If you have an 11th placed Jupiter, take the guidance of your father and be with your father. You will escape harm from all enemies, even the Devil

For Females Visitors

 in Vedic astrology there are many remedies which was made as a part of life by many ladies in ancient time. Now the pattern of life has been changed, and generally no one has that much time to keep the lengthy chanting or remembering parents etc etc. nor every one is able to live with parents as for earning many has to go far from them. We wish to revive some very potent and very small acts which are now called or known as Myths but in fact they are remedial measures which usually saves from the hard ship of disturbing planets. These remedies are much related to Venus, Rahu and Mars. We have tested them and found them very much effective. We hope you will be able to get much relief by these acts or deeds. We also pray to god that your life may get filled with peace, and anger and hot exchange may never come in your family.

Spraying or dropping water on the hot plate of cooking material (specially bread made of flour) before making food, and then just wiping it by dry cloth, keeps health problem away from home. 

Giving little sweet thing after day food and water after it to husband, makes his nature very cool and anger never come near to him.

One the birth day of yours as well as husband and on wedding anniversary, do not take bath from plain water, it will be best if you pour two tea spoon of raw milk in the bathing tub. It will dissolve all kind of difference between you and both uses to get attracted toward each other.

Whenever you feel that hot exchanges (Unhealthy married life) are taking place, without any proper reason, or on very small thing, never hesitate to adopt above mentioned deed.

If you or your husband are born just after sun set or within two hour of sun set, never give milk after sun set, it increases cough problem.

If you think that your husband is giving less attention on you, then serve him milk made items in morning time, your complaint will get satisfied.

If you feel that warmth is reducing in your relations, then try to go out of home during rain, your problem will go away for one year.

If you feel that your husband is ignoring you just touch the right side of his neck with wet hand, malefic impact of Venus will go away from him.

If you feel that your husband is taking too much drink, use more tomato and Salad in food, his habit of too much drinking will get checked.

If you feel that some other lady is trying to attract your husband, then in early in the morning when you come face to face first time then just touch your forehead by middle finger and take your husband name in heart. It will shred away the impact of other lady from his thinking.

Never bring or keep plucked flower, either for decoration or show or due to any other reason, except for prayer, in home or in working place, it reduces the willpower and soul power (Aatm Shakti), of family members for temporary time.

If you are expecting some guest or visitor in office, then use plucked flower as bucket in table, but do not go in to the meeting room prior to visitor, any one who enters first dying flower always takes the will power of that person for prolonging their life. If he enters in room, you will surely get benefit in meeting.

 If you wear any flower on hairs or as part of beautifying your self, then take the name of the person in while fixing flower in hairs, flowers will give complete impact on that person and he will remain attracted toward you.

Never use plastic flower for decoration in middle of room, it increases disturbance in home. If you feel that your husband’s expanses are becoming uncontrolled and he is also unable to understand why it is happening, just throw few sweet biscuits for birds in an open area in daytime.

If some big tree is there near to your home, and its shadow is falling on your home, during daytime, even for small time, then pour one glass of water on the routs of that tree, prosperity will always remain in your home.

If northern and southern walls are having windows, then never open both the windows at a time, It brings evil impact in home.

If air is coming direct in to your home from the main entrance, then never open the door fully, it gives poverty or covers the luck for 6 months.

If you feel much bored and same is felt by others, without any proper reason, make a visit near to some river or natural pound and pass whole day in it. If you or your husband get any chance never hesitate to take a dip in it. It will wash away all malefic impact of Rahu from your as well as your family’s head.

If there is any old widow in your relation or living near to your home, never hate her, but never allow her to enter into your home during early morning or sun setting time. If she desires any thing then provide her and deliver that thing into her home.

In festivals specially during the starting week of month of Libra sun sign, gift some crockery or cloths to her, but remember that after purchasing it, before reaching home deliver it to her, do not bring that gift in your home first.

If you are chased by haunted dreams for more then two days continuously, then keep some iron plate or knife below to your bed sheet or bed foam.

Always try to see your both the palm just after waking up, even while you are lying on bed, then get up and remember GOD, it will keep many evil impact away from your life.

If your husband left some food half eaten then never throw it in dustbin, but just take a taste of it then if you desire throw it in bin. It will save your husband from the curse of mother earth. Never give the left milk of your children to cat, home pet by doing this they will never be able to enjoy milk and will start hating it. It will be the best if you mix some water in it then give it to pet.

If some brittle cup or plate or dish got broken, or some line of crack comes in it, never use it, but keep it near to wall of your house for one day, then throw it in bin. By this poverty will never come in your home.

If without any reason, some cup or plate or dish fells in floor then do not keep it in home, immediately keep that cup or plate near to some tree out side the boundary of your home or warp it in some plastic bag and keep it outside home. It is a sign of some coming problem related to evil cosmic air, by keeping it out side, no evil mystic power will be able to disturb your family.

Never throw the waste or plucked hair which use to come out by combing, in toilet pot, otherwise it can give you some serious stomach or nervous problem.

While combing if the comb get fell form your hand, then before using it again blow some air from your mouth on it. The best is, if you put it below tap water then use it.

Never oil your hair and comb after sun set, if due to some reason you have to wash your hair or comb it for some party, then first close all the windows then do it.

Never go out of home with wet hairs in open during your periods, it can bring a lot of occult problem in family.

Always put left feet first in home, when you are entering in home, and enter in home with lowing your head, by this holy souls blesses you and your family from heaven, and family member in home always remains in high spirit.

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