Pankaj Upadhyay excels the traditional art of Astrology and occut sciences. He keeps pace with technology & understands the demands and nuances of the present era problems of people. A kind hearted Pankaj with a generous dedication towards Astrology ,numerology and occult subjects has been providing online and in-person consultation since long now. His research in Vedic Astrology is extensive and through web he has facilitated quick problem solving and easy access world-wide.

Based at Indore, this well known astrologer has been providing consultations for various problems related to marriage, career & children. His consultations have returned authentic results in the past and he has a long list of satisfied friends. His main objective is to provide peace of mind , happiness and right direction to people in their professional as well as personal life. He also provides consultations for various corporate matters such as partnership analysis, venture guidance and workplace Vastu.

Born in a traditional Brahamin family, where astrology and dharma has been taught since the puerility he had an inclination towards Jyotish since his school days. He made his mark in IT industry and placed himself as a successful businessman and an expert of computer hardware and networking. This success story is now over a decade old

On the other hand, he developed his own logics and concepts by using the scientific approach in his researches & studying numerous scriptures and traditional books of Vedic astrology.

If you are in any dilemma, or seeking a genuine advice or guidance, feel free to contact Mr. Pankaj Upadhyay.

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